How to stop app update emails

DeployGate sends update notification emails whenever an iOS app is uploaded. This page outlines how to stop these emails for both developers and testers.

For Testers

Apps installed from the distribution page

If the app was installed from the distribution page without creating a DeployGate account, it’s possible to update the notification settings in each app. 

On the list, you can tell which app is installed via distribution page by comment icon displayed.

After tapping the app, select the “Turn Notifications Off” button at the bottom of the page to stop the update notifications.

For multiple apps, repeat the steps for each app.

Users who are added as a group tester or app tester

When logged in to a DeployGate account, it’s possible to turn all notifications on/off for app and/or distribution page updates.

Open Account Settings > Email Notifications to update preferences.

For Developers

When uploading an app, it’s possible to select whether or not notification emails are sent.

Alternatively, the disable_notify parameter can be used to control notifications when using Push API.

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