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Simple API to get Install / Update / Uninstall Data

Dudes and dudettes of DG.

There are 3 big things on my mind when it comes to user statistics recently.

1. Number of uninstalls, when they uninstalled and some ID to possibly match them into our analytics system (currently mixpanel)

2. Dates when we release an publish an update to users.

3. Date when a user updates, installs, and uninstalls an app

Currently we have a very bad solution to do this. It involves the "S-word". That's right, data Scraping the DG pages. Sometimes I take a shower after scraping because it is such a dirty solution and I need to become clean again.

One way you can save time (and water) is a simple API to get data dumps on a few of the activity feeds you have within the web interface.

~Recent Activities Feed~ (data is currently viewable within interface)
This Feed would export everything currently available on the Recent Activities feed on the App Distribution Admin page
- User ID
- Activity Type (install, update, uninstall)
- Activity Date

~Update Version Feed~ (not currently available, but you must have it in your backend)
- App ID (in case of multiple apps)
- Version Name
- Update comment
- Version ID (ex. #103)
- Update date

Okay Smart DG people, that is my humble, water-saving request. Glad to answer any other questions about it!


- Jeff

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